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    Teacher Podcast Series: Finding STEM

    Autobiographical Journeys in STEM by Pre-Service Teachers

  • STEM teacher education isn't just about learning how to create classroom activities and assessments. Becoming a STEM teacher also means finding out who you are in the classroom, what your identity is as a science teacher and as a designer and creator.


    This project highlights the work of a group of pre-service teachers studying secondary science education at the Werklund School of Education. During a five-week intensive program, led by experienced radio journalist and podcast producer, Molly Segal, they learned about crafting narratives, conducting interviews and editing audio landscapes to tell their stories of being and becoming STEM teachers.


    Descriptions of their final projects, including links to their podcasts are below, showing the creativity, thoughtfulness and care they put into their narratives. These narratives will also be shared in the inaugural episodes of our Radio EpiSTEMology podcast: the STEM Radio hour.

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    Currently Featured

    Alycia: In “Empathy and Science,” Alycia recaptures the childhood discovery of her first love, the Pacific coast of North America. Her newer love, science education, was eventually uncovered after the heartbreak of witnessing an oil spill.

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    Am I a Scientist?

    Carmen: Through a veritable minefield of hilarious sound effects and commentary, we follow Carmen’s progression of identity from Biology student to answering the question “Am I a Scientist?”. Her love of trees guides her to a path where she becomes personally driven by the cultivation of the personal passions in others.

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    The light in dark hallways

    Ryan: Like many (most?) undergrads, Ryan contemplated several majors to complete a degree in. “The light in dark hallways” unveils the moment in which he realized he will pursue Engineering, a profession built upon a foundation of Math, Science, and creativity.

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    Making a difference

    Holly: Growing up on a farm and inspired by the great contributions that academia has given to humanity, Holly has aspired to a career where she can build a better world. She takes us through the connections between science, nature, and human development that were formative in her decision to become a science educator.

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    To boldly go in pursuit of passion

    Jeff: Jeff recounts the encounter with his first telescope. Undeterred by the uninspired view, he pursues and accomplishes a PhD in Astrophysics. His new frontier? Inspiring future generations of scientists.

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    Science and a Labyrinth

    Trisha: Trisha guides us along a fantastical journey of a first-year undergraduate science student. She used to dream about the treasure trove of Bio-nerdom that awaited her at University, but realizes that some treasure requires some deep digging.