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    Current Episode: Art and the Technology of Meaning


    Radio epiSTEMology is an ongoing research and creation project for exploring our emerging identities in an ever-changing world of computing and technoscience, a world often represented by the term STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

    Here on the Radio EpiSTEMology team we want to know how radio and podcast experiences can be STEM experiences. We explore, research and create audio design and listening opportunities that open up new ways of connecting with STEM knowledge and communities for students, teachers, parents and publics.


    Our featured podcast episodes for the week can be found here: STEM Radio Hour and Teacher Podcast Series.


    Funding for this project is provided by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning at the University of Calgary, the Werklund School of Education - University of Calgary, and the Imperial Oil Foundation.


  • Projects

    Pre-service science teachers reflecting on their relationships with science and STEM by creating audio narratives of their journeys. Listen to their stories!

    Our own Radio EpiSTEMology team podcast exploring issues in STEM and reflections on our design and research experiences.

    Ongoing research into the epistemology and discourse of science radio and podcasts. Follow along with our data collection and analysis journey.

  • The Radio EpiSTEMology Team

    Pratim Sengupta

    Research Chair, STEM Education

    Associate Professor, Learning Sciences

    Pratim is the Research Chair of STEM Education and an Associate Professor of Learning Sciences at the Werklund School of Education. His research interests include epistemology, open science and open coding, creative experiences in STEM education and computational modeling and thinking. He is the recipient of NSF CAREER Award (2012) for his research on integrating agent-based modeling and programming with K-12 STEM education. He directs the Mind, Matter & Media Lab.

    Marie-Claire Shanahan

    Associate Professor, Learning Sciences

    Marie-Claire is a science teacher educator and science education researcher studying identities, language and belonging in all kinds of STEM environments including science classrooms, mentoring programs, teacher-scientist collaborations, online science journalism and public experiences of scientific art and creativity. She has published in wide range of journals including the Journal of Research in Science Teaching and Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism. Marie-Claire leads the Werklund Science Educators Network and teaches courses in secondary science teaching methods and STEM education.

    Beaumie Kim

    Associate Professor, Learning Sciences

    Chair, Learning Sciences

    Dr. Kim’s work is focused on using scientists’ resources and tools (especially Earth Sciences) for the research and development of learning resources and tools using technology. Her research work is carried out in collaboration with teachers and students as design partners, and by observing their interactions, discourse and artifacts

    Molly Segal

    Radio Producer and Educator

    Molly Segal produces stories for radio and podcasts from Alberta’s Bow Valley. Molly works from her home office overlooking the Rocky Mountains, which she spends her spare time exploring by ski, on foot or by canoe. She’s worked for CBC stations in Halifax and Calgary, producing news and current affairs stories. Her work has aired on more than a dozen national CBC Radio One programs, including The Current, The Sunday Edition, The Doc Project, Tapestry, Out in the Open, World Report, and The World This Weekend.

    Alycia Wilson

    Research Assistant - Podcast co-producer

    Alycia is entering her second year of the after-degree Bachelor of Education program in the Werklund school of Education at the University of Calgary. Her first degree is a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and her main interests were in aquatic palaeontology and academic research.

    Alycia’s non-academic time expenditures include acrylic abstract art, everything related to fish, recreational slo-pitch and belly dance. She is a member of the Calgary-based collaborative group, Nightingale Dance, which explores the expression of modern and feminist themes through belly dance performance.

    Hebah Alamr

    PhD Student, Curriculum Studies

    Hebah is entering her second year of doctoral studies at the Werklund School of Education. She is interested in design thinking in engineering education. She is working on data analysis for Radio EpiSTEMology team projects.

    Kaylee Leischner

    Research Assistant - Data collection and analysis

    Kaylee is entering the second year of the after-degree Bachelor of Education program in the Werklund school of Education at the University of Calgary.

    Diali Gupta

    Research Assistant - Data collection and analysis

    Diali is a PhD student in the Learning Sciences PhD program.

  • Funding

    Funding for this project was provided by the Taylor Institute of Teaching and Learning at the University of Calgary, the Imperial Oil Foundation and the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary, Canada.

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