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Welcome to Radio EpiSTEMology!

Hi There!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Radio EpiSTEMology project, including the STEM Radio Hour, a podcast series on exploring our emerging identities in an ever-changing world of computing and technoscience. Although we might appear to claim an hour of making radio, our episodes are actually much shorter. The word “hour” in the title is representative of our love for long-form radio and our own radio ambitions.

The stories we share as part of this project will take you into the worlds of people finding themselves in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). We particularly care about journeying into epistemology: the heart of how and why we come to know what we know.

The first episode of the podcast will introduce how three radio-loving and epistemology-loving professors of Learning Sciences and STEM education came together to create this “radio” project. The series will then explore, through our own conversations and those with guests and collaborators, how play, code, science, identity and public education intersect. The series will also feature short narratives created by education students reflecting on their experiences coming to be science and STEM teachers.

We hope you will join us by listening in and letting us know where we can go next.



With love,


The Radio EpiSTEMology team, with

Pratim Sengupta, Marie-Claire Shanahan & Beaumie Kim